Cooktown Botanic Gardens

Established in 1878, one of Queensland’s oldest botanic gardens is located within the Gallop Botanic Reserve. The garden is most popular for Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander’s seed collection discovered in 1770, the beginning of European botany. Traditionally, the plant species were used by smaller clan groups of the Guugu Yimithirr nation for food, cultural rituals, or medicinal purposes.

The Cooktown Botanic Garden houses five (5) major plant species and over two hundred (200) bird species. Explore the natural beauties of what this region offers and take the walking trails to Finch Bay and Cherry Tree Bay linking to the Grassy Hill Lookout. You can also visit the Nature’s Powerhouse which features the Vera Scarth Johnson Gallery, visitor information centre and cafe. Watch the collection of botanical illustrations from the gallery spring to life and Vera’s dedication to enriching the public’s appreciation for the flora environment of Cooktown. Situated 1.5km from town, the car park is located adjacent to Walker Street close to the garden’s entrance and a disabled car park can be found near Nature’s Powerhouse.

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